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Algunas de las bandas q estan en el poster son:

01. Guns ‘n’ Roses
02. Smashing Pumpkins
03. Gorrilaz
04. Whitesnake
05. Led Zeppelin
06. Matchbox 20
07. Blind Melon
08. Pixies
09. Pet Shop Boys
10. The Eels
11. Pink Floyd
12. Scissor Sisters
13. Green Day
14. Radiohead
15. The B-52’s
16. Kiss
17. Alice ‘n’ Chains
18. Rolling Stones
19. White Zombie
20. Beach Boys
21. t.a.t.u.
22. Spoon
23. nickle back
24. Blur
25. Nine inch nails
26. skinny puppy
27. U2
28. 50 Cent
29. Cowboy Junkies
30. The Beach Boys
31. Block Party
32. Black Crows
33. BeeGees
34. deep purple
35. Cake
36. one tree hill
37. The Postal Service
38. Velvet Revolvers
39. red hot chilli peppers
40. The Eagles
41. Blondie
42. The Cars
43. Rat
44. Korn
45. Torque
46. Madonna
48. Police
49. Sex Pistols
50. Black Flag
51. Queen
52. Great White
53. Living Coluours
54. The roots
55. Seal
56. The White Stripes
57. twisted sister
58. The Blues Brothers
59. Iron Maiden
60. The Doors
61. Television
62. Phish
63. Prince
64. Dead Kennedys
65. lil’ bow wow
66. destiny’s child
67. Jet
68. Pet Shop Boys
69. new kids on the block
70. Hole
71. Garbage

Blind Melon – watermelon with sunglasses
Mountain – mountain in the background

Dinosaur Jr. — little stegosaurus walking left of the queen

The vines? underneath the coin

ewel. Beside the fish bowl
and eminem beside smashing pumpkins!
red hot chilli peppers are in the car in the front

Queens of The Stone Age
The queen in the front looks like she’s from the stone age =P


Between the cake and the gun’s & Roses

Platimum Blonde – girl on fire escape with bubble gum

The green hill in the background could also be “cypress hill”

The Monkeys…..the three monkeys in the back……

The subways:
On the right behind Blur and alice in chains“The Cult” The Hari Chrishna looking bunch in the rear left.
“Pink”…The sky is pink!
B-52’s planes flying over in the sky

The Angels. Obvious…
scorpions by the b-day cake
Blondie, the woman on the balcony

the thompson twins, the 2 guys in suits
Could the three girls holding hands crossing the street be “the go-go’s” ? They look like they are wearing go go boots.

Crash test Dummy standing under the shop sign

the queen is holding Sex Pistols. they are shaped like dildos. They arent revolvers and they arent velvet.

Madonna in the shop window

Is there a Banana character to the left on the stairs and if so could that be Banana ‘Rama.

Pixies…not Angels…OBVIOUS.

Ratt (walking toward smashing pumpkins)

If it isn’t The Cars, it could be Traffic

MEN AT WORK (two guys in suits)
SIMPLY RED (in front)

skid row the skid mark on the street

Those are The Cranberries in the crates in front of the fruit stand.

white stripes -white stripes on road
nirvana- baby

On the TV’s are a bunch of..Talking Heads…

Black Crowes on top of the main street sign besides the beach boys.
Trapt are the persons inside the right appartment building.
Crowded House the left appartment building.
Puddle of Mud above garbage.

the man in the background that is said to be Radiohead could also be Audioslave. This is kind of out there but the men in suits could be blues travelers as in Blues Traveler. There are bushy plants on top of the mountain, Bush. One of the cars in the background looks vaguely like a Chevelle. The people in white look like chior singers, maybe Collective Soul? The whole picture could be said to be a Crazytown. The sky is soooo clear like Everclear. The whole city seems to be in motion like Motion City Soundtrack. The hole in the road has also been said to be mud as in Mudvayne. The blurry man is obviously Blur but he is so munch bigger than alice, could he be Mr. Big? The people in white are glorifying something, possibly New Found Glory? The mountain in the back looks like an Oasis to me. The smiling vegetables could be Smile Empty Soul. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. The stripes in the street are also known as The White Stripes.

Lemonheads (the lemons in the cart have faces…hence lemonheads)

sex pistols-the dildo guns
prince- the prince
queen- the queen
b52s- the planes?
matchbox 20- the 20 made of matchboxes
alice in chains- the girl in chains i thought it could be killing heidi but its not.
smashing pumpkins- the guy smashing pumpkins
seal- the poster on the wall of a seal
rolling stones- ROLLING STONEs!!

What about CINDERELLA (platinum Blonde on Sidewalk)
and two guys walking could be -MEN WITHOUT HATS,
Also – BOY MEETS GIRL – under Pet Shop Boys,
LED ZEPPELIN is the Blimp (Zeppelin) and the guy working on the street would be MEN AT WORK, – nice picture over all – Im still looking for BOSTON, CHICAGO,
BERLIN, A-HA, and a few others that might be there as well as AC/DC ??? Keep looking for more folks some of these are preety interesting and could be multiple bands perhaps.
beatles, acdc, silverchair, foo fighters-

bueno, podria seguir hasta el año 5200, sigan leyendo los post aca

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