Trabajo on-line ¿donde buscar?

En caso de que estés buscando un proyecto nuevo en el que trabajar, o te interese comenzar a trabajar como Freelance, te dejo una lista de sitios donde buscar trabajo.

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  • Workana: un sitio muy interesante con su propio sistema de pago incluido para evitar que te estafen y se lleven tu trabajo gratis [obliga al contratante a realiza un deposito a modo de adelanto y al finalizar se te deposita el total en tu cuenta, pudiendo extraerlo con pyoneer o paypal]
  • el ex Get a frelancer renovadisimo, con tests y sistema de puntaje muy mejorado.

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  1. Craigslist. Craigslist is a very popular destination for all kinds of classifieds and freelance jobs aren’t an exception. You can look for jobs not only in your immediate location because many remote jobs are available to applicants from all over the US or even the world.
  2. Jobs at Behance. The Behance network is a site for designers where you will find many online portfolios and it is also a place to check for jobs. I don’t have personal experience with Behance but I know from friends that they were successful there.
  3. WordPress Jobs. This is a resource not many freelancers know about but if WordPress is your specialty, this is a must check. There are also jobs for developers and bloggers, as well as many upgrade/general jobs.
  4. Jobs at Mashable. Many top ranking design magazines have a jobs section. The jobs at Mashable are abundant, though they are mainly full-time but you can also find a few contract and part-time jobs.
  5. Online Writing Jobs. I know this is a list for design jobs but since this resource is very useful, even though it is for writers, I opted to include it. This is a site where jobs from the main writing job boards are aggregated, which is great because you don’t have to browse through dozens of different sites.
  6. Job sections at your local sites. Finally, one more resource that works for many freelancers is the job section at local sites. Depending on your location, there might be mainly full time jobs but it is still worth trying. Job sections at local sites are great especially for projects that require onsite presence, so if onsite work is for you, keep an eye on these ads.


  1. LinkedIn. The largest professional network is a huge hunting ground. I know people who get their clients mainly from LinkedIn but in order to do this, you need to have a vast network of contacts. Facebook and Twitter will probably help as well, but in my opinion they take more time to get in contact with the right people. Additionally, many people simply hate social sites, so you won’t find them there.
  2. Forums. Some of the major Internet forums, such as Digital Point have job sections, so keep an eye on them. Forums for webmasters are worth visiting because in addition to businesses, webmasters are a major client for designers.
  3. Personal contacts. As for personal contacts, it just depends whom you know. A friend of mine, who isn’t a fulltime designer, gets his projects exsclusively through his personal contacts. But this guy is an incredible sales talent and knows a lot of people, especially people who need a web site done!
  4. References from previous clients. Happy clients are also a good source of work. However, unlike the other ways to find projects where you are proactive, the problem with getting clients through reference is that usually you get projects when you don’t need them. Still, if the projects are decent and you can fit them in your schedule, don’t knock them back.

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